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Welcome to the WGA Research Channel

Finding your way here means you share concerns about what's happening in our country. Not knowing who to trust and discovering the truth is what binds us together. Whether you're right, left or somewhere in between doesn't matter, but a quest for the truth and the sharing of diverse points of view is our common bond. Here'll you find tools for looking deeper and discovering the phenomenon that has become Q. What is this all about, what does it mean?

The main stream media won't discuss it. Others call it conspiracy theory or a hoax. Find out for yourself. You decide. Here you will have access to all the past and current Q posts, as well as additional research tools to help you along your journey. During the process, one thing will be certain. You'll find that you will be better equipped to par ticipate at your local level and with luck, much higher. Where we go one... we go all!

Trump Declassifies FISA

8Chan Website Has Been Deplatformed

Just like the rest pf us following the board and watching for new posts, you awoke to find the Q Research Board was taken down. Clouldfair announced that they dropping 8Chan. due to the recent shootings in El Paso and Dayton. It will be interesting to see if the same logic is used against Facebook, Google and the other social platforms that also have user comments regarding current news. You can read through their lame excuses here...

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Evidence That Q is Real

Evidence that Q is Real

Q has now made it to the mainstream news... and there are those who would have you believe that Q is live action role play (LARP) or a couple of hipsters working out of their mother's basement. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is as Q states: they serve at the pleasure of the president. There are numerous Q-incidences (i.e., no coincidences) proving the close association of Q with the Trump administration. Take a few minutes to see for yourself.

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